The Greene Farm Way

meet kenneth

Kenneth Greene is the owner and founder of Greene Farm since he proudly set it up in 1991. Enthusiasm for enterprise was home-grown. Kenneth grew up working on the family farm, where a long day of hard graft for little reward was usual. School was regularly cut short in order to spend more time on the family farm. There, new methods were sought to simplify chores or get one step ahead of his competitive set of brothers.

Kenneth began at a young age by rearing and selling poultry to school-mates.  His passion has grown from offering consumers an excellent quality product without any compromise on what you would cook at home. Today, quality time is spent with his wife, Kathleen, and four children at their home in Rockfield, Rathowen.




Greene Farm is a family owned business based in the Irish Midlands. Kenneth Greene founded the company in 1991 and has grown it from the beginning. The team consists of a group of passionate people producing ready to eat consumer foods, where trust and excellence is placed at the centre of the what we do. Everything is roasted onsite at our state of the art facilities in Ballygarvey, Rathowen, Ireland where over  160 people are employed. Today, Greene Farm is No.1 in the Irish Market for Cooked Poultry and Beef.


Greene Farm are ‘Specialist Roasters’ of succulent Chicken, Turkey and Beef.  Every mouthful  produced is Moist and succulent – Melt in your mouth, 100% Breast Meat / Beef Topside and 100% Natural Ingredients.

In 2011, a strong decision was made within the company to move all product recipes to Natural Ingredients. All artificial flavours and preservatives were removed, to create a clean deck of ingredients and to provide consumers with a form of natural nutritious protein in a ready to eat format. The full range is 100% Natural and Gluten Free, prepared using the highest quality natural ingredients and prime cuts of meat.





OUR GreenE Agenda

Our facilities are one of the most modern in Europe with a particular focus on sustainability as we are located in a Special Area of Preservation.  We have concentrated our investments around  developing our ‘Greene’ performance since 2012. We currently source 100% renewable energy, have switched from oil to gas, upgraded all our refridgeration and have introduced smart metering across the entire facility.

Our largest commitment has been in the construction of a new Integrated Wetland which currently treats all of our waste water and has expanded the bio-diversity of the area. Once this has matured, we shall open the wetland as a public amenity for bird watching and nature walks.



Greene Farm are proud to be a BRC Grade A, state of the art facility, producing super-premium cooked meats that are low in fat, high in protein with no artificial flavours, msg or preservatives. As the company has grown from 2011 onwards, we have continued to focus on producing  ‘NATURALLY GREAT FOOD’ in every sense of the word. We use this motto to direct our thought process for both consumer product development and corporate decision making. Innovation is a continuous cycle for our development chef and procurement team, in order to bring products to the market that fit with, and appeal to today’s consumers, responding to their health and nutritional needs.