Greene Farm launches new Sriracha and Tex Mex Mini Chicken Fillets to help you #TakeBackLunch

For home-cooked flavour without the hassle, Greene Farm has just launched special edition mini chicken fillets in two brand new flavours, Sriracha and Tex Mex. These tasty mini chicken fillets are delicious in a salad, sandwich or wrap and promise to spice up every lunchtime. Greene Farm is on a mission to help the nation #TakeBackLunch by offering clever tips, advice and healthy recipes that will help you make the most of every lunch break. That means no more dining al desko!

Here are two mouthwatering recipe ideas for Greene Farm’s Sriracha and Tex Mex Mini Chicken Fillets:


All of Greene Farm’s products are made in County Westmeath, using 100% natural ingredients. Their tasty meats are cooked to perfection to create a range of 10 mouth-watering flavours that are naturally free from additives and allergens, high in protein and gluten free. Ideal in salads, pastas, sandwiches and wraps, Greene Farm makes the perfect lunch, every time.

Greene Farm is available from supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Visit for more information or get involved on social media using #TakeBackLunch.

Ian Walsh